Caring for a Family Member or Friend

Sunray Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program in NYC

Do you have a close friend or family member that is in need of personal care? Have they cycled through different caregivers without receiving the care and compassion they hoped for? Sunray Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), located in New York City, is now offering a breakthrough caregiving service that gives close relatives and friends the opportunity to help a loved one in need while getting paid for their time. Other caregiving options in NYC may leave some unsatisfied with the service and compassion provided. With Sunray CDPAP, patients can be cared for by a friend or family member instead of by strangers.

Caring for a family member or friend in NYC

Many people feel a sense of obligation to help a close friend or relative in need. After all, our parents and loved ones have often dedicated their lives to providing for their families. At a certain point, it comes time to give back to that loved one by aiding them with daily activities that have become increasingly difficult as time goes on. It is common for someone to take time out of their busy schedule to help an elderly mother, father, or friend with daily tasks and chores such as reviewing bills, shopping and bathing. New York has decided to reward those caring for a loved one, or those willing to do so, to ensure that those in need are receiving the care they deserve. The CDPAP program has been set up to financially compensate those who decide to give back.

Who is eligible for CDPAP?

Sunray CDPAP is helping individuals in the New York City and Bronx area get the help and service they need from people who truly care for them. If you are living in New York, are on Medicaid, and in need of personal care on a daily or semi-regular basis, you are most probably eligible for this revolutionary service. The service care provider can be a close relative, friend, or even a child; however, legal spouses and parents caring for a child under the age of 21 are not eligible. Furthermore, there is no training necessary. Enrollment is a simple process with customer service available around the clock to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

Cost for NY’s CDPAP Program

The cost of service is completely covered by Medicaid. Compensation for service volunteers ranges between $11.50 – $15.00 per hour and up to $22.50 for overtime work. If you live in the Bronx or any of the five New York City boroughs, you will get paid $15.00 per hour plus free health benefits.

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